Wednesday, July 15, 2009

David Beckham returns to Major League Soccer

Los Angeles midfielder David Beckham returned to the Home Depot Center on Saturday night to watch his Galaxy teammates beat Chivas USA. Beckham will rejoin the Galaxy for training this week to prepare for his long-awaited return in a nationally televised match in New York on Thursday night.

As always, Beckham didn't slip in the back door quietly.

In some ways, the destiny of the Galaxy's near future presents a question no one can predict because Beckham is a unique phenomenon who creates a wide-ranging impact that can't be quantified by anticipation.

Only four things about Beckham's return appear certain right now: (1) Beckham will apply himself on the field – barring injury – to wade off Donovan's accusations of poor professionalism and maintain his place in the England squad; (2) Donovan will try to find a way to achieve some sort of truce with Beckham, even if the reconciliation only repairs the relationship to the point where the duo can share the same field; (3) the Galaxy players will take time to adjust on and off the field to the white hot glare Beckham brings wherever he goes; and (4) Galaxy coach Bruce Arena will face the biggest coaching challenge of his career as he integrates Beckham and all of his trappings into a cohesive and workmanlike Galaxy unit already pushing for a playoff berth.

Everything else surrounding Beckham's return is open to debate, interpretation and speculation. To help with that parlor game, I exchanged e-mails with Wahl to get his take on the situation.

source: Yahoo Sports


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